Terms and conditions for exhibitors and traders

The exhibition will be held at

360 01 Karlovy Vary
Czech Republic

on July 5 – 7, 2019.

The exhibition venue can be handed over on July 4, 2019 from 16:00 to 20:00 or on  July 5, 2019 from 7:00 to 10:00.
The exhibition will be dismounted on July 7, 2019 from 17:00 to 19:00.

– The exhibition is devoted to artists – authors of original teddy bears and their artwork, for manufacturers of various objects linked to the teddy bear topic and for traders with art and souvenirs. Manufacturers of materials for the teddy bears´ production are also welcome!
– The organizers reserve the right to decline a registration without giving any reason.
– All the photographs and other recordings from the exhibition and the competition taken by the organizers are the organizer´s property. The exhibitors and traders give their consent to the organizer to use the photographs and records of their works for the purpose of a presentation, advertising, documentation and for other purposes for an unlimited period of time.
The exhibitor agrees to provide a contact email for subsequent mailing of organization details before the exhibition and other information during the year.
The registration fee CZK 1000 / € 40 is obligatory for all the exhibitors and traders. It will not be refunded if the participation is cancelled. It will be used for advertising and information purposes.
Registration deadline – June 25, 2019, only if the places are not sold out!
The participation in the exhibition will come into effect after the whole price according to the categories is paid.

Price for EXHIBITORS/TRADERS – for one exhibition lot for 3 days
– a table 120cm x 80 cm CZK 3500 / € 140.
– Exhibition cube – stage (for exhibitors only) – CZK 4000 / € 160.

– After the online registration form is completed, an invoice for the registration fee, exhibition place and other services will be issued. This reservation will be valid for 1 month only. Should the whole fee for the exhibition place rental and other services not be paid, the organizer has the right to offer the exhibition place to another participant.
– The participation in the exhibition can be cancelled in writing only by 30.4.2019. The fee will be refunded at the amount of 50%. If the cancellation is delivered later than 30.4.2019 inclusive (the cancellation fee is 100% of the paid fee).
– The payment can be made via a bank transfer to the exhibition bank account or in cash at the exhibition cash desk. The organizer will issue a payment slip hereafter.
Banking details for payments from abroad
Banking fees for the payment from abroad will be covered by the participant. The banking transaction code is  OUR.
Should the participant not cover the fees, they will be deducted from the transferred sum automatically and his/her payment will be considered incomplete.

– He will provide an exhibition place as agreed upon in the participant´s application.
– He will set up everything necessary for the exhibition, promotion, production and distribution of promotional materials.
– The organizer is not not to be held responsible for any personal injuries or damage accrued to the property caused by force majeure. The exhibits are not insured by the torganizer. Additional agreements, amendments or changes to these conditions have to be made in writing in order to become effective.
– Outside the opening hours from July 5 – July 7, 2019, the exhibition and competition venue in the hotel will be secured by locking the premises. The organizer is not responsible for any personal belongings (money, shares, valuable objects, credit cards etc.)
– We do not provide any insurance or special security service at the exhibition venue. Each exhibitor, sales person or competitor of the exhibition is responsible for his/her goods and property himself/herself.
– At the venue, you will receive a number of your exhibition table, 2 free entry tickets – wristbands.
Transfer or yielding of these registration wristbands to a third person is considered a breach of the Participation rules. The wristband detected will be taken away and the person will be fined at the amount of CZK 5000 / € 192.
– Services for the exhibitors – Regular information service prior to the festival via email.
– A local interpreter (English, German, Polish, Russian)
– Toast during the gala opening ceremony.

The sales person is obliged to mark all the goods on offer with prices.
– To present products linked to the exhibition topic.
– To display the products and exhibition equipment on the assigned exhibition place.
– At the end of the exhibition to hand over all the equipment of the stand in the original conditions. In case of damage or dirty equipment with a cellotape, the partipant is obliged to pay the costs of the repair and cleaning of the damaged items of the exhibition stand and its equipment.
– To ensure his/her or his/her assistant´s permanent presence at the stand during the exhibition opening hours.
– To follow all the sanitation and fire safety rules and regulations.
– To take care of the dismounting and packing of exhibits and promotional materials from the venue from 17:00 to 19:00 on July 7, 2019.
– To refrain from dismounting or cleaning of exhibits before 17:00 and their transportation before 17:30  on July 7, 2019.
– Not to break the exhibition rules and regulations, not to disturb other participants with noise, music or light effects.
– The participant is obliged to consult all the promotional activities for visitors with the organizer beforehand.
– Any audio or moving advertising outside the exhibition venue has to be agreed upon with the organizer in writing well in advance so that the other participants and visitors are not disturbed.
– Any advertisign which damages the exhibition integrity, moral codex and ethical rules or which damages the exhibition and exhibitor´s prestige can be banned by the organizer.
– Not to perform activities which are prohibited or which are in breach of the valid legislation.

– To provide exhibition premises to a third person without organizer´s consent
– To glue, nail in or damage the interiors of the exhibition hall
– To move or carry furniture from one place to another without organizer´s consent
– To sell industrial objects not linked to the exhibition topic.
– Smoking is prohibited: During the exhibition and the competition of the International Teddy Bear Festival at the Elizabeth Baths and in the Christmas House, smoking is prohibited inside the venu and it is also banned during the set-up and final dismounting stages. Thank you for your understanding.
– To use electrical appliances (such as tea kettles, irons) or to decorate the venue with helium filled air balloons.
All the costs of cleaning and final liquidation will be debited to the exhibitor.

You can order a printed catalogue

for CZK 250 / € 10

A printed presentation in the printed catalogue is available for all the exhibitors, traders and competing exhibitors who will provide their materials and who will pay the above given fee by May 31, 2018.