8. – 9. 6. 2019

Dear Exhibitors,
We would like to invite you to the 1st INTERNATIONAL TEDDY BEAR FESTIVAL IN KARLOVY VARY.
We would like to invite all of you who participate in such festivals in other countries
and those of you who have been thinking of partaking for the first time.
The Teddy Bear Festival shall represent a great celebration of the TEDDY BEAR as the most popular toy of all times.
The festival is designed for teddy bear lovers, collectors, traders and artists who produce original author´s teddy bears and who wish to introduce their work or offer their pieces for sale.

There are several reasons why visit our festival.

You will be present at the ever 1st International Teddy Bear Festival held in the Czech Republic.
You will visit one of the most beautiful towns in our country.
You will visit the largest exhibition and museum of teddy bears, part of the Christmas House, one and only in the Czech Republic.
The festival will be held paralel to the 53rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, attended by visitors from the whole world. They will definitely appreciate the opportunity to visit the AUTHOR´S TEDDY BEAR EXHIBITION. Between individual film screenings, they will be attracted by the atmosphere of our TEDDY BEAR FESTIVAL.
The MAIN CATEGORIES OF THE AUTHOR´S COMPETITION will be THE TEDDY BEAR and the FILM. It is a great opportunity for those of you who wish to present their work.

We are willing to do our best for you to be satisfied and excited about your first participation. You will never experience the same organization, venue and atmosphere like at our festival.
If you have some free time left, we recommend you to combine your festival participation with a relaxing spa stay in the world-renowned spa town of Karlovy Vary and its surrounds or with some film show.

We would be pleased if you have just decided to participate in the FESTIVAL.
Do not hesitate and book your accommodation now!
Our festival will be running paralel to the 53rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival which brings tourists from around the globe to the city.
The exbibitor can choose if he/she wants to exhibit only or/and sell.
At the same time, he/she has an option to compete with his/her author´s teddy bears, dolls etc. for valuable prizes and present them to the jury.

Exhibitors´ and traders´ registration form 

Application deadline is June 25, 2018
unless sold out before!
Mandatory registration fee for artists: CZK 1500 / € 50 / 1 artist exhibiting. The participation in the exhibition will come into effect after the whole registration fee according to the categories is paid.
Please take a look at the information under the form!

* required.

Please choose your category*

Teddy BearsDollsOther author´s workBusiness

Personal information

VYBRAT SOUBOR = CHOOSE YOUR FILE. Soubor nevybrán = Your file hasn´t been chosen.

Mandatory registration fee for artists: CZK 1500 / € 50 - 1 artist exhibiting. The participation in the exhibition will come into effect after the whole registration fee according to the categories is paid.
Price for exhibiting/selling place for 3 days

1 table, size 1.2m x 0.8m + 2 chairs
CZK 3900 / € 150

2 tables, size 1.2m x 0.8m + 4 chairs
CZK 7800 / € 300

3 tables, size 1.2m x 0.8m + 6 chairs
CZK 11700 / € 450

Exhibition cube – stage (for exhibitors only - stage, size 1m x 1m x 1m + 1 chair)
CZK 4500 / € 175

Electricity socket: CZK 300 / € 12 (only a limited number of places)1x extra chair: € 100 / EUR 42 extra chairs: CZK 200 / € 83 extra chairs: CZK 300 / € 124 extra chairs: CZK 400 / € 16

We do not provide tablecloths, do not forget to take your own!

7.7.2018 at 20:00 - A gala evening for all participants and awards ceremony
Christmas House, Studentská 4, Karlovy Vary
Included in the price:
Toast, Buffet, Grill, Entry ticket to the Christmas House and the Teddy Bear Museum, Programme and live music.

Entered exhibitor, trader, competing exhibitor - 1 person CZK 300 / € 12Entered assistant - 1 person CZK 300 / € 121 Accompanying person CZK 300 / € 122 Accompanying persons CZK 600 / € 243 Accompanying persons CZK 900 / € 36

3.CATALOGUE - there is only one common for exhibitors, traders and competitors

For your presentation we will publish a printed guide. One order includes 1 piece of the printed guide free of charge. The application deadline is May 31, 2018.

1 page A5 CZK 500 / € 202 pages A5 (double page) CZK 1000 / € 40I do not wish to be in a catalogue.

By confirming my participation in the exhibition as an exhibitor, a trader or a competing exhibitor, hereby I agree to the rules for exhibitors and traders.

Terms and conditions for exhibitors and traders

Payment details

Each exhibitor, sales person or competitor is obliged to pay the registration fee which is compulsory for all the participants and which will not be refunded in case of cancellation.

After the online registration form is completed, an invoice for the registration fee, exhibition place and other services will be issued. This reservation will be valid for 1 month only. Should the whole fee for the exhibition place rental and other services not be paid, the organizer has the right to offer the exhibition place to another participant.

Registration deadline – June 25, 2018,
only if the places are not sold out!
Registration will be valid after the fee is paid.

Payment in CZK

The payment can be made via a bank transfer to the exhibition bank account or in cash at the exhibition cash desk. The organizer will issue a payment slip hereafter.

Bank account no. CZ: 2412201473/5500 
Banking details for money transfers from abroad

The participant will cover the fees for a banking transfer from abroad. The banking operation code is: OUR
Should the participant not pay these fees, they will be deducted automatically from the payment transferred and the payment will be considered incomplete.

Bank account number for foreign payments
Name of Beneficiary: Vánoční dům, s.r.o.
Address of Beneficiary: Svatopluka Čecha 420, Sokolov 356  01, Czech Republic
Account Number: 2412201473/5500
IBAN: CZ8555000000002412201473
Bank address: Hvězdova 1716/2b,140 78 Praha 4, Czech Republic

Registration fee

Registration fee: CZK 1500 / € 50

Please enter the following into the subject line of your transfer invoice number + your name and surname (identical with the application form)

VS 1818

By paying the registration fee, the participants confirm that they have read the rules and regulations for exhibitors, traders and competing exhibitors and that they agree herewith in their full extent.

Fees for the exhibition or selling place

Price for exhibitors/traders for one exhibition lot for 3 days
– A table 120cm x 80 cm + 2 chairs: CZK 3900 / € 150
– Exhibition cube – stage (for exhibitors only) – 1m x 1m: CZK 4500 / € 175

In the payment subject please fill as follows:
invoice number + your name and surname (identical with the name given in the application form)

VS 1819

Payment for the competition entry

CZK 350 / € 13 / 1 exhibit
CZK 550 / € 21 / 2 exhibits
CZK 750 / € 29 / 3 exhibits

Please fill in the payment subject as follows:
invoice number + your name and surname (identical with the name given in the application form)

VS 1820

Payment for the presentation
in the catalogue

1 page A5 / CZK 500 / € 20
2 pages A5 (double page) / CZK 1000 / € 40

Please fill in the payment subject as follows:
invoice number P + your name and surname (identical with the name given in the application form)

VS 1821

Time Schedule

5. 7. 2018
16:00 – 20:00
registration, set up of the venue
6. 7. 2018
7:00 – 10:00
registration, preparation for the exhibition
gala opening ceremony – toast at the gala opening
11:00 – 18:00
exhibition for the public
7. 7. 2018
9:30 – 18:00
exhibition for the public
the awarding ceremony of the competition in the Christmas House and Teddy Bear Museum
8. 7. 2018
9:30 – 17:00
exhibition for the public
17:00 – 19:00
dismounting of the exhibition