Competitions for visitors

For visitors there will be a number of competitions held on various locations in Karlovy Vary. They will be open for children, adults and seniors.

Just to name some…

A competition „The most beautiful TEDDY BEAR mask“ during the festival carnival

children and adults
Teddy Bear Museum and Exhibition in the Christmas House

A painting competition in
a drawing of a teddy bear

children up to 14 years
paintings created during the exhibition for children will be drawn
Teddy Bear Museum in the Christmas House

A photo contest

1st CATEGORY for children up to 15 years

2nd CATEGORY for adults

will be specified

A competition „The most beautiful teddy bear“ selected by visitors of Authors´ Teddy Bears exhibition in the Elizabeth Baths

The Elizabeth Baths

All visitors with a valid exhibition ticket can participate in the contest.

A Woodcarving Show

The topic of chain saw cutting is the TEDDY BEAR.

The Teddy Bear Museum and Christmas House

Winners will be awarded with valuable prizes!